London views

Endless streams of rushing people Quickly moving at frantic pace Minding the gap Minding their phones Minding their kindles and their books But not minding their own mind at all.…

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The sky and the bird

Tibetan teacher Chögyam Trungpa once opened a class by drawing a V on a large white sheet of poster paper. He then asked those present what he had drawn. Most responded that it was a bird. “No,” he told them. “It’s the sky with a bird flying through it.”


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Luminosity of the mind

Mind, on the ordinary level, is obscured by concepts, different states of thinking and preconceptions, and so on. In order to recognise the essential nature of the mind, therefore, we have to peel off these different layers and clear away these obscurations. Then we shall see the true face of our own minds.


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